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Proto Advantage

Solder-in breadboard 1x1" (8 rows, 2 columns)

Solder-in breadboard 1x1" (8 rows, 2 columns)

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Plated through hole solder breadboard (8 rows, 2 columns).

Back side has traces routing holes together: 2 power rails + 3 pin long rows (2.54mm pitch). Standard 300 mil to 600 mil width DIP packages will fit over power rails into rows. Front side has silk screen markings to show where backside traces connect pins.

Holes are 1.00mm (0.039") in diameter.

Dimensions: 1.0" x 1.0" x 0.063"

PCB construction: FR-4 UL94V-0. PCB operating temperature range: -40C to +130C. PCB reflow maximum temperature: +260C.

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