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LFCSP-28 (0.5 mm pitch, 5 x 5 mm body) PCB and Stencil Kit

LFCSP-28 (0.5 mm pitch, 5 x 5 mm body) PCB and Stencil Kit

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Board and Stencil Kit. Comes with 2 PCBs, Stencil, Solder Paste, and Mini-Squeegee. Perfect for reflowing hard to solder ICs in the lab, at work or at home.

LFCSP-28 (5 x 5 mm body, 0.5 mm pin pitch) to DIP-28 (300 mil body width, 0.1" pin pitch) surface mount adapter.

PCB dimensions: 700 mils x 1400 mils x 62.5 mils (17.78 mm x 35.56 mm x 1.6 mm).

Top side of board fits surface mount footprint. Bottom side of PCB has pads for two single row surface mount vertical headers.

This board uses our surface mount male vertical headers, wire wrap or machine pin (selectable above), which are included. Wire wrap pin P/N: HDR100IMP40M-G-V-SM. Machine pin P/N: MPH100IMP40M-G-V-SM.

This footprint has been designed to be hand soldered or soldered down using a stencil, solder paste and reflow. Toaster oven reflow works well.

Datasheet: PA0065 (pdf)

Application Note:
AN0001: Circuit Assembly Instructions for PCB and Stencil Kits (pdf)

Videos showing how to use our stencil kits:

Placing the IC:

Reflowing the IC:
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